Amitié confirms its presence at PWSP and will present an exclusive launch of sparkling wines

Amitié presents an exclusive launch of premium sparkling wines produced in Serra Gaúcha, RS. With the concept of celebrating friendship, good times and happy days, Amitié present infinite possibilities through its products, providing versatility and youthfulness.

The expertise of the company’s partners, Andreia Gentilini Milan, sommelier, and Juciane Casagrande Doro, oenologist, led the sparkling wine line to be designed for consumers looking for a versatile, fresh and fruity product that meets all celebrations.

Amitié has already won medals in international competitions. The Sparkling Wine Amitié Cuvee Brut was elected the best Brazilian sparkling wine by the Decanter World Wine Awards 2019, one of the most important world contests. For ProWine São Paulo, the brand will take its main lines and launch the new Amitié Nature Lot, elaborated by the champenoise method. This wine is a limited edition, 100% Chardonnay – An unique experience.

Instagram: @espumanteamitie

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