ProWine 2020 opens the calendar of fairs and events in the country

(August 2020) ProWine São Paulo, takes place from October 20 to 22, 2020. The place is the Transamérica Expo São Paulo and will bring 350 brands of wines and spirits to the public, from 15 exhibiting countries. It will be the first trade fair to be held after COVID-19 in Brazil. “It is a responsibility, and at the same time it is very rewarding to be able to bring content, information, current and relevant issues to the entire wine and spirits industry.” comments Rico Azeredo.

ProWine São Paulo is focused on business generation and industry development. Registrations for the event are exclusive for professionals of the sector and are already open on the website. In its first edition, under the name of Provino, the fair received many professionals and major exhibiting brands. After the success of the opening, the trade fair received investments from Messe Düsseldorf, organizer of ProWein, contributing to the development of the event.

ProWine São Paulo is promoted by Messe Düsseldorf, organizer of the largest wine and spirits trade fair in the world and organized by Emme Brasil and Inner Group.

Among the confirmed exhibitors are: Viver Gourmet, Cantu importadora, World Wine, La Pastina, Famiglia Valduga, Amitié Espumantes, Aurora, Enhanced Marketing, Freixenet, Vinhos Tejo, Miolo, PNR Group, Concha y Toro, Pizzato, A Lenda Portuguesa, JC Teste e Medição, Netter, Frigostrella, Vistamontes Vinicola, EBV and Terroir Importação e Exportação, among others.

The program includes special tasting, and lectures on the ProWine Forum. This year, the ProWine São Paulo will cover important information for the market, such as consumption trends, market opportunities at pos-covid era, and industry benchmarks as to assist both visitor and exhibitors to improve their presence at the market.

The complete video is available on the website. Click Here!

ProWine 2020 health and safety protocols

Visitors will be complete safe when visiting the PWSP this year, thanks to a strict health and safety protocol to guarantee the protection of exhibitors, visitors, partners and team members. “The COVID-19 pandemic triggered changes in people’s behavior and expectations regarding various services, including the organization of trade fairs. We have a great responsibility with all the people that will attend the event and we will take all measures necessary to guarantee the best experience for our stakeholders in the safest and healthiest way possible”, said Rico Azeredo, ProWine São Paulo Director.

The fair organizers, Emme Brasil and Messe Düsseldorf, developed a security protocol especially for the date, based on the best practices recommended by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and WHO (World Health Organization) to minimize contagion risks within your events. It guarantees the observance of health precautions, hygiene measures, distance rules and spatial management, in addition to technical and organizational measures that meet the decrees provided by the federal, state and municipal government for holding congresses and fairs. All those who attend the event; will go through a series of controls, before entering the pavilion, which will guarantee safety and thus minimize the risk of contagion.

To avoid agglomerations, registrations must be made online (exhibitors, visitors, press, and service providers). Those who arrive at the event without having completed the online registration must prioritize the registration through their cell phones as to reduce the queues.

The health and safety protocol for ProWine São Paulo also includes guidelines for visitors instigating them the wash their hands frequently and make usage of the sanitizes, which will be available all over the event. One of the most important rule of the protocols is the implementation of individual disposable spittoons. The organizers of the event have prepared more than 20k paper cup spittoons to be used individuality and disposed right after the usage. To reduce the environmental impact, ProWine has partnered with a local recycling company, which will collect all paper cups used during the event.

Another general concern in the cleaning process of the glasses. As to guarantee the correct disinfection of the glasses, ProWine partnered with Netter, a Brazilian manufacture of industrial dishwashers. Netter dishwashers use hot water over 65°c and cleaning products that guarantee the elimination of the virus and bacteria, apart from saving 70% of water used on a manual cleaning process.

The protocol also presents an exclusive equipment to disinfect surfaces at the show, an ultraviolet device that eliminates virus and bacteria from any service with a 99% effectiveness. This device will be used everyday before the door are opened to the public.

The complete protocol with all the information is available on the website. Click Here!

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