With an eye on the market, importers and stores invest in combos

Becoming a chef or bartender for a few hours became the fun of quarantine! With the confinement, the families started to increase the day-to-day recipes and ventured to make drinks to relax or enjoy the weekend in a different way, since bars and restaurants were closed.

Chefs from famous restaurants, renowned bartenders and great sommeliers began to teach their secrets on social media to maintain their business and often publicize the delivery of brands, increasingly instigating their followers to learn how to manage in the kitchen.

With an eye on this demand, importers and stores began to invest in DIY combos with step-by-step guide and the right amount of necessary ingredients so that even those who have no intimacy with the kitchen or with cocktails can get the most diverse recipes.

And what would be a beautiful lunch or dinner produced at home without the company of a good harmonized wine? Several brands are including wines in these options, taking advantage of the fact that the consumption of the drink has also increased significantly.

Cheftime, Grupo Pão de Açúcar’s gastronomy startup, for example, noticed that in sales of its meal preparation kits almost triple during the quarantine. There are also options to entertain the kids by creating fun experiences with the little ones who have also been stuck at home for months aimed at providing fun and different experiences with them. There are kits for making chocolate lollipops, brownies, among others. In the case of spirits, the cocktail options to make at home were also boosted in the pandemic, which kept bars closed. There are many different examples on the market, such as the moscow mule kit, which comes with two small bottles of vodka, a blue mug and all the ingredients necessary to make the famous ginger foam or the gin and tonic kit, which comes with gin, tonic water, spices and tea bags.

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