Movement to recover retail is presented to the state government of RS

Created to support the resumption of small retailers, the Movimento Nós was presented this Friday morning (21/8), to Governor Eduardo Leite. In a videoconference, representatives of the eight main food and beverage companies in the country explained how the project will work, which aims to help 20 thousand small retail establishments in Rio Grande do Sul.

For Leite, this type of initiative reinforces enthusiasm in the face of partnerships with the private sector. “It is about restoring the entrepreneur’s confidence in the capacity to overcome and recover, and also for the consumers themselves to be able to frequent the places with the established rules of sanitary control. Resuming this turn of the economy involving the small ones is also very important so that we can suffer less ”, he said.

The movement intends to contribute to the distribution of kits made up of sanitizers, masks and information materials, dissemination of relevant information to retailers, special conditions for refueling stocks and campaigns to attract consumers to local businesses. The project is already underway in the states of Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

“Due to the pandemic, all companies, especially those working in retail, had to re-prioritize activities, which resulted in a retraction of more than 70% in small retailers. We saw an opportunity to help collectively and give differentiated conditions so that small retailers can refuel and, thus, prevent many from closing, ” said the Director of Government Relations at Coca-Cola Brasil, Victor Bicca Neto.

“If before the pandemic we had dialogue as a characteristic of our management, with Covid, we reinforced this attitude. The partnership with Movimento Nós is relevant to inform companies about the progress of the Controlled Distance model, as well as to understand how the market is affected by the crisis ”, explained the Secretary of Planning, Governance and Management, Claudio Gastal.

The coalition between the companies was officially launched on June 2nd. The movement has the participation of Ambev, Aurora Alimentos, BRF, Coca-Cola Brasil, Grupo Heineken, Mondelez International, Nestlé and PepsiCo. Together, they should invest more than R $ 370 million and, thus, help around 300 thousand small businesses, which employ around 1 million people, across the country.

Ambev’s Corporate Relations Manager, Filipe Barolo points out that the idea is to reach out. “We know that everyone has “more gas” to deliver. Sometimes, the person is so discouraged that this energy that we are putting at the junction of companies will give a “gas” to everyone, including customers who were thinking about closing, ”he reported.

The meeting, held by videoconference, was also attended by the federal secretaries Marco Aurelio Cardoso (Economy) and Ana Amélia Lemos (Federative and International Relations)

Text: Suzy Scarton
Edition: Marcelo Flach/Secom

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