Brazilian wines have expressive growth in pandemia

That wine was chosen as the favorite drink of the quarantine, everyone already knows. Several factors had led to this increase, such as the closing of bars and restaurants, the banning of parties and the circulation of people for tourism, which ended up changing the place of consumption to people homes.

Here in Brazil, the increase in the consumption of wine was 72% in relation to the first quarter of 2020. In real numbers, this means that each Brazilian consumed an average of 2.81 liters of wine between April and June – the two months that confinement was more restrictive. “Brazil is a very brewing country, but with the pandemic, more people sought the pleasure of more refined and family cuisine, which pairs quite well with wine” explains Felipe Galtaroça, CEO of Ideal Consulting.

The big surprise, however, was the growth in the sale of Brazilian wines – there was a 39% increase over the same period last year. In terms of numbers, 4.4 million liters of brazilian wines were sold during this quarantine period (data compiled by ABS-RS).

With the arrival of the pandemic in the country, Brazilian wineries were very fast and invested in e-commerce sales. Some already had this service and those who did not, ran to develop it. In addition, the most of the players began to talk to its audience on marketing actions, lives on social networks and all possible service channels. More accessible prices and sales in supermarkets were also favorable in comparison with imported ones.

During the winter the expectation is that these numbers will be even better. For the summer, the bet is on rosés. “Brazilians’ favorite wine is red, but rosé shows a great growth. Brazilians have a more sweet taste and these wines match the summer climate”, says Galtaroça.

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