Wine store chain innovates and launches live service over the internet

Sales streaming it’s been a reality in some countries and now arrivehas just arriveds in Brazil. With it, customers chat in real time with the store and can make the purchase online.

Buying over the internet is very practical, but a distant experience. The solution can be a live channel on the internet, called sales streaming, where the customer talks in real time with the seller. A way to humanize the machine a little.

Already used for some time in China and in other countries, sales streaming – or shop streaming – is now arriving in Brazil. Grand Cru is one of the first to offer the service in the country. It took two years to deploy the system.

“We developed a platform that was integrated into our e-commerce in which our consultant answers any inquiries. The customer can buy, ask questions or ask for a restaurant indication. It is the same experience sonehe has at the store”, explains Diego Bonassa, national store manager.

For sales consultant Carol Manciola, technology has leveled companies, which now need to seek another competitive advantage: “Humanization is a trend. For you to differentiate, you will need to customize. And this personalization, which considers the moment, the rhythm, and the desire of the client at that moment, only the human being is capable of doing”.

A studio was set up in a small part of one of the chain’s stores. A seller is available from 12 pm to 6 pm and customers type in their questions and he responds in the video. The purchase can be made instantly, by clicking on the same computer screen.

The cost is the same as keeping a seller inside the physical store, only the result is much higher. Because when he asks a question or talks about a product to someone, dozens, hundreds can hear him at the same time.

“A store seller serves 20, 30, 40 people a day. You have an extreme potentialization of service efficiency”, says commercial director Alexandre Brat.

“The big limitation of this type of solution is logistics. Because you can sell to the whole world. The challenge is how to deliver the product”, says Carol.

Another important care is in choosing the seller for this channel. He/she must make up for the distance with sympathy and extra involvement.

The sommelier Beto Keller tells how he makes the customer feel inside the store: “I tell stories. The world of wine is full of stories and culture, which delights the customer”.

In two weeks, the wine shop’s streaming shop sold more than the online store. And together, man and machine, have become more efficient. “Often you will be confused, you will not identify whether you are talking to a machine or a human being. But only the human being has, at least for now, the ability to deal with complex problems. And that, is what makes a difference” adds Carol.

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